Thursday, December 3, 2009

Living in America??

Well I’m back!!! Did ye miss me at all?! Doubtless there was a cavernous void, as a result of my lack of blogging but fear not, I have returned! I was a bit down in the dumps for a while there with an acute and life-threatening case of “Oh f*ck, I live in America”. Lifesaving treatment was administered in the form of 15 Wispas and a box of Cheese and Onion Tayto courtesy of my very good mother and I appear to be on the mend. My advice if anyone finds themselves afflicted with this pernicious condition is to desist immediately from watching diabetes advertisements (do NOT make the mistake of sending off for a testing kit OR a slap n’ chop vegetable cutting device, albeit revolutionary) and get outside with a box of Lucky Charms and perform Riverdance up and down the street until you feel suitably irish again. Also if you are lucky enough to have all of Enya’s albums, put them on repeat and play them through the night, your mental health will thank you. Your husband may not however, but it will prevent him from going over to the dark side, what with him being surrounded by good god fearing, gun toting workaholics everyday.

Right I’m off. It’s the third of December and 21 degrees so I’m off to work on my tan!

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  1. sadly i'm ridiculously american anyway so would never get that feeling..although i fucking LOVE Enya!!!!!!!....did i tells ya i met her sister Moya on work experience??? and Luka Bloom?????

    what american television do you watch???.....i dont think i've ever seen a diabetes ad (that i remember)........Viagra on the other hand.....