Monday, October 5, 2009

The posse arrives!!!

After much, much wrestling with bubblewrap and a bathroom scales the O'Toole clan, replete with felines, finally made it to Boston!!!

We arrived in the land of freedom, justice and the drive thru pharmacy on the 5th September 2009 for our year long adventure (and my attempts to take over the country). Actually it might be 18 months but that depends on whether or not Fergs employers suceed in their attempts to Americanise him. The first sign of that and he will be fed Lucky Charms intravenously while the coffin ship return journey is sorted out.

Just so you all know, the i button is broken on the current laptop we have. it's powered by "mouse on wheelTM" technology, so it's not really surprising some of the keys have made a bid for freedom.

As i'm not working at the minute, i thought a blog would be an absolutely marvellous use of my time. Surprisingly, there is only so much cleaning i can fit into the day. Also, Cif cream cleaner doesn't seem to exist here so my cleaning jaunts have been curtailed to the point i'm considering branching out and cleaning other peoples houses. For free of course.

Hopefully, if you're interested, this blog will keep you up to date with what we are up to. The cats are setting up their own blogs.


  1. eh.............he'll be fed Froot Loops...cos they taste nicer....and drive thru pharmacies are......quite amazing!!! :P

    blogs are good to waste time.....joining a tennis forum is better....

  2. The tennis forums make me want to do destruction with me racket, so i just read them!

  3. what cos of all the obsessive KADs????.......yes....TY has "left me with no time to post"....cos americans dont know i do nothing in it!! :P

  4. Kool Aid Drinkers....obsessive me to JJ....only in scary ways...